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Guinea (Guinée), a land in West Africa, is bordered by Mali, Senegal, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Cote d’Ivoire and the mighty Atlantic Ocean. The continent features a inhabitants of 12.4 thousand individuals along with the capital city is Conakry. The state languages are French and Guinea’s federal words, Susu.

The country’s economic climate is basically determined by agriculture. The principle crops are rice, millet, sugary potatoes, peanuts, and cassava. Guinea also offers considerable reserves of bauxite, iron ore, and diamonds. Folks from all throughout the world want to find out Actualite Guinée(Information Guinea).

Considering that self-reliance from France in 1958, Guinea is overwhelmed by governmental instability and dictatorship. In 2010, a armed forces coup ousted the very long-time Director Lansana Conté. The following calendar year, Alpha Condé was decided as Director inside the country’s first free and acceptable elections in over 50 many years.

Because taking business office, President Condé makes development in enhancing the country’s economic system and facilities. So, folks would like to stay up to date with Actu en Guinee (Information in Guinea). They have also worked well to fight corruption and increase man rights. In 2013, Guinea hosted the first-ever African Game titles.

The Ebola outbreak in 2014 was actually a main drawback for that land. The condition wiped out over 2,500 individuals and caused widespread worry. The economic climate had also been badly affected.

Inspite of the problems, Guinea is slowly advancing. The land has great probable along with its everyone is determined to create a better upcoming.