How To Create A Gas Mask Bong From Everyday Materials

Seeking to get substantial very quickly? Then you need to know steps to make a bongs online! This effortless tutorial will take you step-by-step through the actions needed to build your gas mask bong employing materials it is likely you currently have being untruthful around your property.

4 Steps To Make A Gas Mask Bong

Phase #01: Gather Your Resources:

You’ll need to have a plastic-type material package, a pan, some duct adhesive tape, along with your marijuana.

Phase #02: Lower The Package By 50 %:

After you have your entire materials compiled, it’s time to get started on creating your bong. The first step is always to lower the plastic material container in two employing a well-defined blade or kind of scissors. Be extremely careful when performing this, while you don’t would like to reduce on your own on the distinct edges of your plastic-type material. As soon as the jar is reduce in two, throw away the very best one half and keep the bottom half – this is what we’ll use to create our bong.

Move #03: Produce A Golf hole From The Package:

Up coming, you need to produce a hole within the package. This hole will be used to retain the bowl of your own bong, so help it become large enough how the container can in shape snugly inside of. Use a distinct knife or possibly a drill for this particular step. If you’re by using a knife, be careful not to lower on your own on the well-defined corners of your plastic.

Phase #04: Secure The Bowl:

Now that you have got a hole inside your container, it’s time and energy to connect the pan. Initial, get your duct adhesive tape and cover it round the hole’s edge to generate a close off. This helps protect against any marijuana light up from escaping. After that, put the pan in the opening and use a lot more duct adhesive tape to secure it. Lastly, make sure the bowl is firmly attached therefore it doesn’t shed when utilizing your bong.


And that’s it! You know how to come up with a gas mask bong. This simple tutorial can be used to develop a easy and quick way of getting substantial in a big hurry. Many thanks for reading!