What makes Canada unique

There are things that you will observe in Canada that might be unique to Canada alone. Those who immigrate to Canada find certain things to be amazing, and you must know them before you move to your new country.

Milk in Canada comes in bags
If to you buying milk in a plastic sack is weird, then wait until you arrive in Canada. It is a practice that goes on throughout Quebec and Ontario. Three bags of milk are stored in one large sack, which then the customer carries home. Traditional milk bottles typically work for other people, but in some Canadian parts, this doesn’t work. Once in 1970 the country switched to the metric system, manufacturers of milk had to change their machines to be able to produce various sizes of bottles. Bagging became much more comfortable.
Everyone seems to like poutine
Poutine refers to Canada’s national dish. It is a slang word in Quebec that means a mess, and that is precisely what you end up getting. You are given chips covered with half-melted cheese curds and gravy. Though it doesn’t sound like a great meal, it is something that is loved by the Canadians.
It all started in 1957 when one trucker requested for the cheese to be placed on their chips as well as gravy. There is someone who wanted sauce and there, a national meal was started. Chefs all over the country have tried making it to be fancy throwing on it things like foie gras and lobster, but nothing seems to change much. You have to be aware of the calories that a poutine burger king contains – about 740. That is heavy, indeed, and if you are watching your weight, you better eat it in small quantities.